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Hard wheat atta

Atta or wholemeal wheat flour is the primary flour used throughout the subcontinent. It’s used for phulkas (rotis), paranthas, and puris.

It’s used for phulkas (rotis), paranthas, and puris. Punjab is known as India’s grain belt, so no big shock that we cook heavily with various flours, atta being one of them. We also use corn, pearl millet, all purpose, chickpea, and semolina flour. Being a farming state we tend to have the richest cuisines because of the easy access to meat, dairy, grains, vegetables, and fruits.

Wholemeal flour has a higher gluten content resulting in chewier doughier flatbreads. I, of course, love them, but also think that the wholemeal flour adds a lot of flavor to your dishes.

Store like you would any other flour, in an airtight container.

Fun fact #92: Corn is a vegetable, grain, and fruit.

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