Diwali Desserts

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Authentic Punjabi Diwali sweets are the best sweets.

Diwali is the triumph of good versus evil. And what better way to celebrate the win than with your favorite Diwali desserts. Each state in India boasts of dishes that are unique to the region and delicious, and sweets are no different. It’s always hard decide what to make when thinking about Diwali. It’s no shock that I, and all Punjabis, think that authentic Punjabi Diwali sweets are the best sweets, and the obvious answer for what to make. As one would say – Go East, Go West, Punjab Is The Best.

Punjabi sweets are rustic, and traditionally made with lots of buttter or milk. They’re rich in texture and feature flavors like roasted gram flour, rosewater, cardamom, almonds, pistachios, and saffron. Mostly cooked over low heat and careful attention, the desserts are rich and creamy. 

Diwali Sweets:

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